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Wilderness Medicine Course

We offer amazing hands-on wilderness classes to individuals as well as companies looking to certify/re-certify their wilderness certifications, or gain valuable experience and get certified as wilderness professionals. We offer employee discounts, as well as package deals for companies from state parks, ski resorts, national parks, and any outdoor company. We are an authorized IBSC Training Prep Program.

We are passionate about providing the latest in Wilderness medicine, material, updated training regiments, and providing a solid foundation of skills and knowledge needed to take appropriate action when injuries occur in the outdoor setting. We are here to teach you while helping you to feel prepared and confident in providing outdoor care in back-country, outdoor situations, and hiking/adventure settings.

This class has a cognitive portion, and a hands-on skills practice that is held outdoors at a location chosen by UPEMS Master Wilderness Instructors where you can learn techniques unique to the outdoors. There is also a testing (written and skills) portion. Unless stated otherwise, the instruction and course materials are provided in English.

Where you go to school matters! Formal classes are currently being offered on a as-needed basis. Please call us with your request for a class.



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