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We design our program around you passing your NREMT and becoming an EMT

Designed around the way the NREMT is written, NREMT breaks the National Licensure exam into 6 categories, so we do the same when we teach you. We also utilize the TOP NREMT Prep programs to test you at the end of each section of classes. You will take your Airway Exams after we teach the Airway section. Same with Cardio, Medical, OB/Peds, Trauma, and EMS Ops. Then at the end of the course, we review each section and offer each student positive and constructive feedback to best prepare for their test. UPEMS offers tutoring sessions as well so that you pass the test on the first try! We are with you the whole way through and after Licensure Testing. 

An Utah's Paramedic and EMT academy instructor demonstrates an exercise during EMT class

We include AHA as a part of your training! There are no EXTRA classes you need to take; we're a one-stop-shop!

We follow all Utah State and National Registry protocols and we firmly believe that you deserve to have everything you need to be the BEST provider all included in your program. We include: BLS (Basic Life Support), ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and PEPP (Pediatric Education for Pre-Hospital Providers) in your training. We also Include an AMAZING Active Stop the Bleed Trauma Certification Training as a part of your EMT Education!

An EMT student smiles during a hands on exercise in class

EMT Tutoring Before, During, and After the Program

We care about providing you the very BEST in your EMT Schooling. We firmly believe in personally sitting with you before your training begins and evaluating you and your study habits so we know how to cater to you personally throughout the course! Our Students are our #1 priority! Then as the course starts, we sit with you and review your grades, test scores, and evaluate your NREMT PREP exams after you take your first round of unit exams. We provide personalized tutoring throughout the course and ensure you are NOT falling behind. We ensure you are understanding the material and learning. We are with you 100% of the way!

A student practices a simulation in a virtual reality headset during EMT class
We are with you every step of the way and assist you in job hire right after graduation! We are with you beyond your licensure!

We are here to be the training academy that is with you far beyond your licensure! We assist you with job placement, applying, interviewing, and getting hired after graduation! We are here to connect you to fire departments, hospitals, and clinics. We assist you in transitions between careers, especially with continuing education and maintaining the licenses you obtain here far beyond your graduation, so your CE's are a breeze! We will update you on the latest and greatest Medical Updates and Protocol changes to make sure you have the most up-to-date education after graduation and job placement!

An Utah's Paramedic and EMT Academy instrictor demonstrates a stop the bleed activity for students to do.
The academy feel makes learning and growing together a huge benefit to your education process!

Our Instructors are First Class Paramedic and AEMT professionals with years of experience. We have Fire captains, Flight Paramedics, Critical Care Paramedics, Tactical Paramedics, Law Enforcement/Paramedics, and AEMT's that have dynamic experience and training under their belts. We cultivate positive energy and foster a healthy atmosphere where your learning is our main priority! You will grow together as a cohort with small groups and study sessions where instructors will zoom in and teach remotely. We encourage tons of study and preparation for each exam, and we have tons of hands-on training in realistic training scenarios. We work with local PD, Fire Departments and EMTs to have them assist us in creating realistic training calls to push you to connect what you are learning in the textbook, with what you are expected to know when you are on the scene. 

An EMT student raises their hand during class to answer a question
Our Simulation Labs and 4-tier Pediatric Training is a one-of-a-kind system that will prepare you for life as an EMT!

We have professional technology and Virtual Reality. We work in conjunction with the American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics to roll out new Pediatric Training in VR! We are on the leading edge of pediatric training and we provide a 4-tier sim lab with 4 separate Pediatric Training Certifications! By the time you get your EMT, you will be prepared for pediatric patient calls!

EMT Students are practicing a hands on activity during class


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