We Believe that Virtual Reality is the way of the future!

Here at U.P.E.M.S. We utilize a variety of different technologies..
from Holographics to Virtual Reality, from Virtual Reality to Agumented Reality, and even Mixed Reality!
Our Director had a dream and a vision to be able to change the way we teach EMS. He noticed that students were struggling understanding certain concepts and He wanted to bridge that gap and create a way for EMS and first responders to train to save lives and be more educated about how they were doing just that! After over a year of research and creation, He created the way of the future for our students to learn. He figured out the way to take his students and place them inside of the human heart, and inside of organs to fully understand the way the human body works! We utilize the Oculus GO headsets by Oculus, and we create our own apps and our own footage to teach you how to fully grasp the concepts taught in the books!

Mixed Reality!

We took Virtual Reality One step above and farther than we ever imagined! We didn't settle for just using Virtual Reality, We wanted to project what we were seeing in our headsets out to the rest of the class to see! So we figured out just how to do that with our Mixed Reality Portal! We can throw the images of real life holograms and holographics of the human body through our portal for the classroom to see! Imagine coming into class and learning on a 3d anatomical holohuman!? Imagine Interacting with a Holohuman and learning how the heart actually works, looks, and and beats in real time! Imagine Taking your Anatomy and Physiology test or quiz on a holohuman instead of on paper!? yep...here at Utah's Paramedic and EMS Academy, you can!