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EMT students wearing virtual reality headsets during EMT Class in a simulation lab

 Virtual Reality in EMT School ensures that you are learning concepts and are able to apply them BEFORE you start saving lives. You can utilize our brand-new VR option in order to accomplish mastery of the many skills and concepts that are taught in class. Before this was offered, you had to wait until graduation to even use some of your skills. Now you can do them in a real situation, you will be on the scene with a crashing patient while in the classroom in a sim-lab setting! Register now to come and learn this amazing field and be the best EMT you can be!

EMT Scenarios and Full EMT Style Calls in VR!


By experiencing amazing Virtual Reality lessons over and over again, you can better yourself as an an EMT and learn things that would otherwise take 5-10 years to grow and learn into! 

We are the Pediatric Specialty Training School in Utah! We utilize Virtual Reality and American Academy of Pediatrics approved VR Programs that you can use to train in all things Pediatric Medicine! We will start you with the overview of the Pediatric Assessment Triangle and transition to actually taking a PALS hands-on Skills Session that you will get C.E. Credit for through CAPCE! If you are interested in renewing your PALS or even just refreshing skills, or if you struggle with a certain topic in Pediatric Medicine or Codes, please come and work on that material here with us!

Pediatric Assessment and PALS Training

We don't JUST offer pediatric training! We offer adult ACLS as well as adult EMT Scenarios! Whether you are seeking CE and/or Renewal for your ACLS, or you are wanting to apply your knowledge and skills and become a master of running Adult Sick Calls, we got you covered! Register NOW for the latest and greatest in VR application and training based on SOUND CAPCE approved EMT training concepts and make your job a cinch by practicing with us to be the BEST! No other EMT school has this!

ACLS in Virtual Reality!


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