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Your EMT Experts

The team at UPEMS sets this school apart from other EMT schools. This team is filled with passion, professionalism, and expertise in the EMT field. Each program is taught by experienced instructors who are dedicated to ensuring each student understands and succeeds in their EMT career, even after you graduate. Many work in the field as paramedics, firefighters, and medics and are eager to share their knowledge with each student. 

Andrew Nichols, UPEMS Director

Utah's Paramedic and EMT Academy's director poses with his dog and EMT School Mascot, Whiskey

Andrew is a decorated paramedic and has over 10 years of experience in first response. Andrew started his career and was first interested in serving others when he moved all around the country in support of the US Air Force’s Nuclear B-52 96th Bomb Squadron. Being around that environment showed him that serving others was his passion and mission in life.  He started his career with the Shreveport Police Department and specialized in Narcotics and became quickly certified as a Drug Recognition Expert and SFST instructor out of Baton Rouge, LA. Andrew then moved over to Bossier City Police where he continued to excel and receive multiple commendations for bravery and service to his city. He began his medical career once back in Utah where he began as a CNA, and then quickly moved to being licensed as phlebotomist for Intermountain Healthcare. He then began his teaching career teaching and running a phlebotomy program out of Murray, UT where he became certified in EKG, IV, and many other subjects before attending his EMT-Basic, and EMT-Advanced programs and becoming nationally certified. He eventually found his passion teaching and running EMT-B and EMT-A Classes. Andrew then went to the University of Utah Emergency Department as a critical care tech where he found his passion as a Paramedic and Attended Utah Valley University where he graduated as a Nationally Certified Paramedic. After spending time as a paramedic in Las Vegas, NV He moved to Denver, CO where he worked as a paramedic in a very busy 9-1-1 system! He gained valuable experience and moved quickly into the FP-C world studying in Reno, NV at REMSA. He then became an AHA Instructor and Course Director for the Training Center as well as an NRA Certified Instructor and began studying for his Boards as a Tactical Paramedic, Community Paramedic, and Wilderness Paramedic. He loves serving his community and teaching students with his crazy energy and passion for what he does. His passion and excitement is what makes each student excited about the EMS field and learning from UPEMS. He loves teaching in depth medicine to students and dedicates his free time to creating new programs here at UPEMS for each student to attend.

Jean Carlo Moreno

Jean Moreno has lived in Utah his whole life, living mainly in the Salt Lake area. Jean is a dedicated student whose drive and hard work have helped him succeed in his dream of assisting his community. He's helped in countless events and founded many clubs in high school and college while maintaining high academic status. He is currently an HSP (Health, Society & Population) major at the University of Utah where he plans to attend Medical School after graduation. His high ambitions, knowledge, and willingness to help others has always been a strong quality which seems to be the fuel for his coming successes. He believes that everyone plays a positive role in someone's life and is honored to help play a role in helping others achieve success in any way that he can.

Gabe Stein

Hey guys, my name is Gabe and I spent many years in Israel and the Gaza Strip as the city of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem working in EMS. I have responded to thousands of traumas and medical emergencies learning the craft of EMS. I am passionate about the ways of helping people in the worst time of their lives and my goal is to impact the world and get people through their darkest moments. I am dedicated to saving lives and making the world a better place!  I want to teach the new generation of emergency medical providers to be able to help people and make a difference in the community that they live and work in. I  want to have the greatest chance of making an impact on the world through teaching and leading the way in EMS. In my free time I like to relax and watch movies and hang out with my friends and my best friend, Whiskey (The Dog). His owner is pretty cool, too!

I also work for a local hospital as a critical care tech and I am looking forward to paramedic school!

Brock Jenkins

Brock currently works as an Educator and Flight Paramedic with an elaborate background of working in the healthcare field. Specialized with instruction of electrophysiology, critical care / flight paramedicine, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and aeromedical retrieval; Brock has worked hard to become a versatile emergency services professional both operating in the field, throughout the hospital, and teaching other healthcare professionals. Brock is currently finishing his Bachelors of Science. Once finished, Brock will be continuing his education into Austere and Emergency/Critical Care Medicine.

CJ Campbell

CJ is an 18-year veteran in the EMS field. He is from San Diego, CA where he completed all of his initial training to include advanced first aid, EMT-Basic, Paramedic, and the fire academy. He has worked in numerous settings within the field including wild-land and structural firefighting, flight paramedicine in both rotor and fixed wing aircraft for 7 years and has traveled the country in long distance air transport proving critical care paramedic level practice to critically ill and injured patients to world renowned facilities. He is currently a member of the Layton Fire Department working as a Firefighter/Paramedic and assists in teaching at UPEMS Academy. His goal is to help each student truly understand what it means to be a patient care provider and advocate and get out to the streets and do what most people only wish they could lives!

Andrew Uz

Andrew Uz (Andrew 2) works as a paramedic for Unified Fire Authority in the greater Salt Lake area. He is from Virginia and moved here in the summer of 2021 to attend the University of Utah. Back east, he was a paramedic in Charles County, Maryland, on the outskirts of Washington, DC. He has trained in tactical paramedicine, advanced airway management, and has recently obtained his flight paramedic certification. We are very humbled and excited to have him here with us in the leadership roles here at UPEMS and we are excited for all he has to offer.  He has been instructing for close to three years and has an interest in EMS education and curriculum development for EMS programs in Northern Utah. His hobbies include work, physical fitness and the outdoors.. 

Shaun Fernelius

Shaun comes to us from Ecuador where he brings his special Matte! Shaun comes to us with incredible experience from the Federal Law Enforcement Agent and has over 16 years in EMS as a paramedic! Shaun is dedicated to his community and loves to serve his community through teaching CERT and ensuring that the community learns how to respond in times of need. Shaun has incredible experience and training and excels at teaching students skills in the back of the ambulance. Shaun loves to spend time with his family and children and be the best dad He can be! We are so very lucky to have an incredible instructor like Shaun! Welcome aboard Shaun!

Brett Bosley

Brett comes to UPEMS from Idaho! He is an outstanding paramedic who has extensive experience in Airway Management and Cardiology. Brett has served in multiple states and has 9-1-1 experience, extensive experience in critical care transporting and Airway Management in critical patients as well as now serving in a full time cath lab doing cardiology procedures. Brett has teaching experience and FTO experience and is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and the funniest person you've ever met. You will love being taught by Brett. 

Rose LeBaron

Rose comes to us from the Salt Lake Valley where she received her AEMT and spent many years working in the GI/GU lab as well as other main clinicals under physicians as their right hand. Rose is an amazing advanced EMT, with such a friendly smile, demeanor, and personality that is sure to brighten your day, always! Rose is funny when she teaches, and brings an amazing experience to the lessons to make each lesson fun and enjoyable! You will always leave smiling when Rose is around! We are so lucky to have her!

Jake Maybey

Jake comes to us from Sandy, UT where he excelled through Basic & Advanced EMT and is one of the best examples of a Man, and as a Family Man UPEMS has. Jake has unique talents that he can use to embody the very meaning of EMS and strives to help those around him! Jake tends to take after the Director in that He often rolls up on stuff as its happening, thus giving him the call-sign Radar JR. Jake has a breadth of knowledge and experience in a little of everything including car mechanic sciences and often can use that to relate to students in the classroom. Jake is a natural at teaching and loves what he does. For free time, Jake often is with his family raising his babygirl and loves his wife and child more than anything. Jake also runs the Nightmare on 13th Horror House. If you want a true scare, check it out and look at Jake's handy work in what he literally built in his off time from the academy! Happy Haunting!

Cameron Young

Cameron is an amazing Advanced EMT who is passionate about serving our community and works in both law enforcement as well as the medical side! Cameron is super talented in EMS and has a knack for teaching! He is a true natural when it comes to teaching! Cameron enjoys leading students in EMS knowledge and He also has a passion for flying drones and operating Drones. Cameron Recently went to FAA school to become certified in flying drones and operating them within FAA regulations! Cameron is super talented and has a wonderful demeanor in the classroom. Cameron makes a wonderful EMS instructor! Come Fly a Kite...I! Let's fly!

Samantha C, Administrative Assistant

Samantha comes to us from the IRS where she left there because she was passionate about giving  the community skills and serving others in their times of need. Sam is an amazing administrative assistant and She is quickly growing to love the academy and the people the serve in it! She is here to serve the students and ensure that they have everything that they need to succeeed and become certified the first time around! Samantha will fight to be right there next to you as a student and encourage your success in every way. If you are a new students, this is the team you would want and love to be by your side as you learn a new craft! 

Meet our Mascot, Whiskey
Utah's Paramedic and EMT Academy's mascot, Whiskey, the german shepard service dog

Hi, my name is Whiskey and my dad is the director of UPEMS. I get to come to the academy every day and hang out with all the students while my dad teaches. I love greeting each student at the door and saying hi. I am my dad's right hand and certified Service Dog. Sometimes I even get to help teach the students at UPEMS and go out on practice training calls. My favorite thing is helping my dad teach and run the academy. There's no better life than being the UPEMS mascot and helping students become EMTs! 

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