EMT and EMT Advanced Combo Course (One Stop Shop)

This 500.00 dollar deposit is for your deposit only! This will go towards your Textbook and Uniform to get you outfitted with what you need to start.  You still will owe the remainder of the balance.


Suggested Price: $3,000.00

Minimum Price: $500.00


    • Class schedule for the EMT-B classes will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings from 6pm to 10pm (subject to modification to accommodate holiday schedules).
    • Class schedule for the EMT-A classes will be Tuesday, Thursday from 6pm-10pm and Every other Saturday from 10am to 4pm (subject to modification to accommodate holiday schedules).
    • Please call us for fees as they may change. Fees will include costs for uniforms, books, national registry fees etc.
    • EMT Basic portion scheduled to run for 10 weeks with National/State testing upon completion of the course.
    • EMT Advanced portion will run after all EMT-Basic Licensing Pearson-Vue Exams have been administered and passed. 
    • Current* EMT Basic certification REQUIRED**. 


  • Financing Options Available – PayPal, Lending Tree, or Payment Plans through the school!


About 16 weeks total for the combination course program plus licensing/Certification Testing with NREMT/State Testing for EMT and EMT Advanced.

There will be a couple of weeks break between the EMT Basic and EMT Advanced portion to allow for testing and processing, as students need to complete and receive their EMT Basic License/Certification in order to move on to the Advanced EMT Course. After this break and testing period,  there will be another 8-10 weeks of EMT Advanced Training as well as National/State testing at the end of the course.

There will be clinical/in the field required hours in order to complete the program and get recommended to take the National and State testing – Clinical/Ride a-long hours will be chosen with the students based on the availability.  The EMT Advanced portion is much heavier in clinical hours so you must be prepared to dedicate significant time outside of class to clinical hours!

There may be at home or online assignments/chapters to do as homework throughout in addition to the classroom and clinical/in field hours.

*You must pay at least the $500.00 deposit for the course, but you may pay more than just the deposit if you would like. You will be responsible for paying the remainder of the balance for the course.