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Testing Fee breakdown and Financing


Only $250.00 Down, and $250.00 the first night of class! Everything else is on an income based, flexible payment plan! Make payments as you go!

Basic Tuition-$985.00

Advanced EMT Tuition-$985.00


Uniform Shirt-$40.00

Basic Book and Advanced Book (Purchase on your own its WAY cheaper!)

Medical Training supplies- $100.00

Fisdap Testing Fees-$147.00-Basic EMT

Fisdap Testing Fees-$162.75-Advanced EMT

Certification Cards-BLS-$45.00

Certification Cards-ACLS, $70.00

Certification Cards-PALS, $80.00

Clinical ID Badge for NEW Pipeline Clinical Program-$25.00

Lab Fee-$200.00 ($100.00 Per course)

PEPP Fee-$80.00 ($40.00 Per Course)

VR Seat-$200.00 ($100.00 Per Course)


Total for EMT-B Alone-1772.00

Total for EMT-A Alone- 1742.75


Total: $3119.75-Combo EMT/AEMT Program (Discount of 440.00)

**Not included is your BEMSP and NREMT Fees which you pay directly to them. Due in the first 14 days or drop will occur!**

NREMT=$104.00-Basic EMT, $144.00 -AEMT

BEMSP=$110.25-Basic EMT and $45.00-AEMT



Insurance (Med Malpractice and Coverage for Practicing EMT's)-$33.00 One-Time Fee 

We have WAY more to offer than any other school!

EVOC! New EVOC Course is State Approved for you to learn EVERY facet of being an EMT!


LABS (Practical Hands-On Training)

This is where you get to learn to drive and handle a real ambulance! Nowhere else offers this as a part of your EMTB Education! If you want to learn how to be the best, come get trained with the best!

This is your Pediatric Assessment Traingle in VR! We offer actual VR training to assess sick pediatric patients! We have to tools and the methods to make you the best! 

This is your chance to get hands on with real simulated calls with local fire departments, police departments, and where we moulage you and others and create real scenarios and call-outs. This is the HOME of the "Call-Outs" and how we ensure that you are trianing and learning to the best of your abilities. 

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