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RAAS System Explained from the EMT/Paramedic Student Perspective!

This is the RAAS System from the perspective of the EMS student. It is important to understand because this will make you a more proficient and skilled provider. Are we treating Signs and Symptoms? Or are we treating the REAL underlying problem? This is where WE bring the Hospital to them, versus bringing the patient to the hospital and being just a typical EMT. We here at UPEMS want and train you to be the provider that you wish your loved one had. This is why it is important to connect certain systems with the understanding and perspective of being able to address the REAL underlying issues with your patient in the EMS system. So we hope this finds you well and helps you to better understand the RAAS system and its role in critical care medicine and understand underlying issues to be able to address the real issues instead of just treating signs and symptoms.

-UPEMS Staff.

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