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How to Become a Paramedic in Utah

Paramedics carry out vital, life-saving roles on a regular basis, and becoming one involves extensive training and licensure to ensure that anyone in this position is capable. If you're looking to go down this road and become a trusted member of a vital team within Utah, knowing the basic steps that are in front of you goes a long way. Where you go to school matters very much.The knowledge you gain in your EMT Basic and Advanced classes are the basis and building blocks of your entire medical and Emergency Medical Responder career.The better the EMT education is, the better the provider you will be for the rest of your career. This translates into saving lives when you are on the street and in the back of the ambulance.

At Utah's Paramedics & EMT Academy, we're proud to offer the very best EMT training and related courses, we offer the best medical training where we train and help students as they move along their path toward becoming a paramedic. Here are the simple steps and processes you'll have to go through to achieve this title, including EMT training and more.

EMT Education

First and foremost, any student looking to become a paramedic will have to become certified as an EMT - which begins with attending approved, accredited courses. These are offered by top providers like Utah's Paramedics & EMT Academy, and will be based on national EMS standards that are set by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

These courses will cover topics from anatomy and physiology, to medical terminology and pharmacology, as well as patient assessment, airway management and more. You'll also learn about basic and advanced first aid, including CPR training , AHA classes, Ambulance operations and protocols, in the academy's very own Ambulance- all of which is essential information to know when considering a career in this field.

EMT Certification

There are actually multiple exams that must be passed to achieve full EMT certification in Utah, a vital part of this process. Here are the basics on each of them:

  • EMT-B testing: The most basic level of EMT training and testing is the EMT-B exam, which is the minimum requirement for entry into this field. This involves passing assessments in basic areas like patient assessment, opening airways, treating burns or poisoning issues, bandaging wounds, and more.

  • EMT certification exam: Once you've passed the National EMT-B exam and the Psycho-Motor exam and been certified as an EMT Basic, you will be eligible to sign up and take the EMT Advanced course. This is a longer course that covers more advanced topics, such as using specialized medical equipment and providing higher levels of care. Completion of the advanced course allows you to register in your paramedic course.

Field Experience

The paramedic course involves more detailed medical study and clinical experience and is an extensive course to complete.

Communication is also a major part of this process, as it's essential that paramedics be able to effectively communicate with critical care providers in a time-sensitive manner.

State Paramedic License Exam

Finally, once the student has completed the requisite EMT training, certification exams and field experience, they can take the state paramedic license exam. This is a tough assessment that covers all aspects of being a paramedic in Utah, including airway management, vital sign interpretation, patient assessment and more.

This test includes both a cognitive and a psychomotor exam, which assesses the student's skills in both written and practical areas. Passing this test is the final step to becoming a licensed paramedic in Utah, making it essential for anyone looking to pursue this career.

Gaining Further Work Experience

In many cases, students working toward paramedic licensure will take additional steps to gain more experience and knowledge. This may involve working as an EMT or in another medical field, taking part in continuing EMS education courses, or even volunteering with a local first responder program.

This is all designed to give the student a better understanding of what it means to be a paramedic, and is an essential part of the process.

By taking all these steps and becoming licensed in Utah, paramedics can gain access to a rewarding career path that carries with it great rewards - both financially and professionally. It's a demanding job but one that can be immensely gratifying, allowing people to save lives on a regular basis. With the proper training and licensure, anyone can become a paramedic in Utah.

For more here, or to learn about any of our paramedic or EMT programs, speak to our team at Utah's Paramedic & EMT Academy today.

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