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The same great UPEMS education you love.. but now..It's available fully online! You can get your EMT certification on your own time. This is a fully self paced online EMT training portal that is accompanied by a weekly skills lab, zoom sessions in our real ambulance and fully inclusive NREMT skills Psychomotor Exam upon completion of the Education section of the course! Learn more below!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

The course is designed and structured with your success in mind. We open one module at a time, and you will work on a Monday through Friday schedule for each Module. you will have 10 modules in this course, so ideally 12 weeks long for your EMT-Basic. However, you can work ahead and get as many modules done, as quick as you can so that you can graduate as fast as you would like. There will be Unit-Modules that will open every Monday Morning at 0800 and remain open throughout the week so that you can get your homework done on your time and around your schedule. The unit will remain open until Friday evenings at 10pm. Then your Unit Exam will open at 10pm and remain open until the following Monday Morning at 0800 at which time both your Unit Module and Unit Exam will close and that week's Unit will open throughout the week until Friday. We will have weekly LABS that can be attended by zoom sessions, and call-outs that can be attended to via Zoom as well from the ambulance cameras.

We look forward to you attending our online program and we are very excited to help you become the very best of the best in this field! Our goal is to make it easy, structured, and simple for you to get your EMT from your living room! You can start ANYTIME and finish ANYTIME. So.. what are you waiting for? Let's get you registered! 

When you Click "Book Now" you will be prompted to select an appointment time..This is JUST your ONBOARDING into the program. We will get you all set up with your portals, and testing suite, etc. We will also ask for your second payment of $250.00 to assist us in getting your testing suite selected and your skills portal chosen so please have that ready. 

You will be guided via an instructor or admin in getting your BEMSP and NREMT accounts set up during this appointment as well as ensuring you get your book ordered and get into canvas okay. 

Please plan to have a phone or zoom conference with an instructor during this time, so be sure to post your accurate phone number so that we may get you registered and onboarded in a timely manner! 

Thank you so much and we look forward to helping you with your education! 

-UPEMS Staff

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