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EMT Basic Training in Utah

Short, Perfect, and Fun Classes!

Story behind our EMT Basic Course:

How Upems Created an EMT Basic Course:

Our In-Person Basic EMT Course is an 8-10 week program designed to ensure that all students develop the understanding and skills they need to respond efficiently and effectively in emergency medical situations. The course consists of didactic (classroom) instruction, small group activities, skill practice sessions, audio/video lectures, simulated ambulance scenarios, hands-on patient care exercises, and more. We cover topics such as: legal considerations; anatomy & physiology; airway management & ventilation; patient assessment; trauma management; medical emergencies; ambulance operations & safety; patient documentation; vital signs & patient communication; pharmacology & medications; plus much more. 

We are on easy to follow weekly schedules!

Our courses are offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evenings from 6pm-10pm! Our Course starts with a few weeks of Introduction into what being an EMT is like, followed by an Airway Week, Cardiology Week, Medical week, etc. We Have Unit Exams at the end of each unit with instructor led  tutor sessions after each unit, so that you WONT get left behind!

How are our courses are offered:

Why Our Methods are Better Than JUST Powerpoint:

Learn It...Then DO It methodology:

At other schools you learn death by powerpoint. This impacts your learning and limits your ability to be the best EMT. Example: They teach to give Epi for anaphylaxis...We teach what receptors are affected and how they work..Thus allowing you to give benadryl, zofran, epinephrine, and other medications to stop the inflammation process by knowing what EXACLTY is happening in the patient's body...then we take you out on the street using real ambulance simulations and have you run this scenario until you CAN'T get it wrong! We then assign homework online using our own VR app to allow you to run these calls on your phone, laptop, or ipad from anywhere you have access until you understand and learn why you're doing what you're doing! We are all about the "Why's" competitors don't do ANY of that! 


In our classes, we have professional AEMT's and Paramedics from the industry that offer you 24/7 assistance throughout the course, from the experience with the registration, until the completion of your program, we guide you step-by-step using a state of the art Instructor program written by our very own Director that GUARANTEES* your success on your National Registry Exam! The Last Graduating class had a 99% First time Pass Rate! We have this test nailed!

Our Classroom is Clean, Our Gear is New, & Our Instructors are the BEST in the Industry!

Our All-Inclusive EMT Program has EVERYTHING you can think of and more...

Our Classes are led in an amazing classroom filled with interactive projectors, VR, Multiple TV's Including a TV in the Ambulance, and We even have a new dispatch center to dispatch the students to sim calls throughout the community! We create pride and success in every student with complete training and non stop action! Register NOW for your chance to enroll in this amazing academy! Our Program is only $985.00 and we have a spring discount on registration happening now! Check us out and get your Spring Discount! We even have payment plans that are flexible with discounts every month! Affordable, easy and fun! Why Not!?

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