• We have a JUNE Class starting on the 15th of June for:


  • Classes start at 1800 Hours (6pm Sharp) and last until 2200 Hours (10pm).

  • Classes are going to end on August 22nd!

  • There will be an additional optional week after the psychomotor exam for an EMS Continuing education class. This class will be geared for students that are about to sit for the NREMT Cognitive Licensing Class. It is $45.00/Student. This class is also geared for Students who are already licensed and need EMS Continuing Education!

  • The dates will be: 08/24,26,and 28/2020 from 1800 (6Pm)-2200(10pm).

  • **This class for students in June class will be based off of Fisdap Scores**

  • This class has a 99.99% Effectiveness rating at helping you pass your National exam! We have the highest pass rates of anywhere around.

  • The TWO (2) Start dates that we have right now are JUNE 15th, 2020 and JULY 13th, 2020.

  • The July Class is being built right now. Please stand by for further details. The duration of completion of classes is approx. 8-10 weeks PER CLASS. so for EMTB/AEMT it is about 16 weeks.

  • We are Fully Accredited through Utah BEMSP for EMT-B/AEMT. COMING SOON: Paramedic Studies. (Not currently finished building out the program).

  • Costs are located on the FEES page.

  • We DO NOT accept FAFSA or SALLIE MAE, HOWEVER; WE DO HAVE IN HOUSE FINANCING WITH 100% ACCEPTANCE...NOT CREDIT BASED! NO CREDIT NEEDED! EVERYONE GETS APPROVED. We also accept PAYMENT Arrangements, and Payment Plans that are flexible! There is no Financial reason not to sign up today!

  • Classes are all IN-PERSON. We are building out our ONLINE class, so standby on the online program...coming soon.

  • (There are NO Pre-reqs. We will have you sit through an online CPR demo 1-hour class for the CPR pre-req with actual classes for BLS, ACLS, PALS all as a part of the cirriculum. We will be offering this on CANVAS once you have paid your Down Deposit and are Fully Registered.)