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Andrew Nichols

Andrew Nichols, paramedic, critical care paramedic, nationally-licensed Phlebotomist, IV Therapy, and EKG technician, brings a wealth of knowledge and past life experience to Joy Wellness Partners Utah. From his first profession serving as a police officer in the front lines of one of the most dangerous cities in the southern United States to helping severely injured veterans in nursing facilities, Andrew has a heart of compassion and care for each of his patients. Unfortunately, Andrew has also spent a considerable amount of time as a patient, being a victim of a near-fatal auto accident. Having barely survived with life-altering injuries, Andrew understands the struggle and hardships along the path to recovery. It was this road that led Andrew to Joy Wellness Partners in San Diego. At JWP San Diego, Andrew received regenerative medicine treatments that significantly improved his recovery and allowed him to take his life back. Because of his love for helping others, and the results of his own treatments, Andrew has worked tirelessly to bring the same life-changing services to the state of Utah. Andrew looks forward to being one of the regenerative medicine pioneers in the state of Utah.



Ron K. Nichols

Chief Financial Officer

Ron K. Nichols is an active practicing Utah attorney for over the last two and a half decades. During his practice of law in the personal injury field Ron realized the real deficit in the ability for clients to really heal from their injuries and to be properly reimbursed for their injuries by the insurance companies. When Ron went to San Diego to experience a new approach to treatment with his son Andrew, who was completing his paramedic studies and training, Ron saw and recognized a real chance to help individuals with treatment and to help his clients gain increased settlements. At that point, Joy Wellness Partners Utah was born. Ron’s goal in bringing this venture forward is to bring the benefits of regenerative medicine, with the expertise of Carol and Joy Wellness Partners San Diego, to the state of Utah. Since that time, the concept of the company has grown, and the possible benefit to Utah clients has increased dramatically.

With Ron’s great experience and management skills that he has developed and honed in on over the years with his many successes, Ron is well suited to shepherd this opportunity.