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Utah’s Premier Paramedic & EMS Medical Training Academy

Home of the Medical Holograms, HoloProjections, and Virtual, & Augmented/Mixed Reality EMS Training

Our instructors care and want to see you succeed and thrive! As you see above, even our medical director (pictured above getting his blood pressure taken) attends every class and assists his students. Each and every instructor cares and ensures that we take the time to walk you through difficult concepts to ensure you succeed. We will be there to support you and encourage you every step of the way to graduation!

Here at UPEMS, We offer the very best deals! We beat our competitors by nearly $700.00, AND we use the top of the line technology.

Talk about the best bang for your buck...Yep...That's with us! We offer BLS, ACLS, and PALS, all with your EMT and AEMT in one package for a discounted rate. We use certified paramedics, flight nurses, flight medics, PAs, and physicians with ER experience to teach and certify you with your EMS education! Come see us today to sign up with Utah's highest-rated and most professional EMS academy in the state!


Utah’s Paramedic and EMS/Medical Training Academy is a state of the art EMS training facility and medical training facility where you can come and learn and grow to change your life, and the lives of those around you.

Come learn with us. Change your life, and the lives of others. Register Today!






Experience body systems like never before.

When you attend one of our emergency medical service academies, you’ll learn using the latest cutting-edge technology.

Imagine becoming fully immersed with a real live beating heart, or standing next to a 6-foot tall holographic anatomical model in the middle of your classroom where you can zoom in to take a closer look. Our virtual headsets allow you to experience scenarios up close and personal.

Gain Critical Real-World Experience

As one of our EMS students, you’ll virtually experience what the human heart and other body systems look like on the inside. Zoom in and view it as you’ve never seen before.

Just imagine how much more confident you’ll feel as you become some of the best-prepared emergency medical personal on the planet.

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Participate in a Completely New Learning Experience.

Using technology that offers a mixed reality brings people, places, and objects from the physical and digital worlds together. Utah's Paramedic Academy offers an experience that will make it much easier for you to understand how the vital system works from the inside out.

This virtual world offers an experience unlike any other emergency management services training program.



"Such an awesome school! Currently attending and everyone is so welcoming and super supportive! I love how they use the google lenses, the oculus, and so many other updated technologies that help you understand the concepts more! I’d recommend this school to ANYONE! Thanks for everything you guys!"-Crystal Lyn 

"You can tell Andrew has a passion for students to learn the material and understand it, not just memorize stuff to pass the test. He explains things in a way super easy to grasp. He only brings on staff with the same passion level as him and it shows, which is why I wanted to be a part of this school! Also, the technology used to help learn (VR, AR, MR) is incredible and there’s nothing like it being utilized in EMS training!"

-Kristin B. 

"Andrew is such a great instructor. I’ve never had someone so helpful with achieving my career goals in this field. Having the mannequins being able to interact and talk to you helps make the experience even more life like and real. This course is going to put me ahead of the curve in my career field and make it so I’m ready for any situation to help save lives. The location is perfect. Right off the freeway access helps with getting around traffic areas." -Madeleine Dyson

"Andrew is amazing at what he does. He is so dedicated to helping people graduate and get to working in their career field. The technology of the hololens experience and being able to walk in and through different parts of the body is a huge academic advantage with hands on learning. You won’t regret coming here." -Logan Cook

"First school I've been to where the instructors actually showed they cared and wanted their students to succeed. Every one of them, Andrew, Kristin, Dan, Craig, and Jimmy will do whatever they can to help their students understand. They aren't teaching us to pass an exam. They're teaching us to change the world." -Elizabeth Tanner

"The location is perfect! Central to Northern Utah, and Equal Distance from Ogden to Salt Lake and even perfect for Utah County Students!" -Maddy D.

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