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EMT Training In Utah

The most comprehensive EMT training available, where you go to school matters. UPEMS offers hands-on training, ambulance simulations, and virtual reality training connecting the gap between what you learn and real-world experience using cutting-edge tools to get you the training you need to become a successful EMT. We're committed to making sure that your EMT Certification is the first step of your journey to becoming a successful EMS professional. 


Invest in yourself.

A career in the medical field can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things you'll ever do. Invest in your future with an EMT certification from UPEMS and get the experience you need to succeed. We also push you to grow with your family and community.

Get the best EMT training.

UPEMS is designed to prepare you for your future in the Emergency Medical Services field. We offer hands-on training, ambulance simulations, and virtual reality training so that when you're on the job, every situation will be second nature.


Support your Country and Community.

If you're looking for somewhere that supports you in your mission to make a difference, and you want the best EMT training around, UPEMS is the only place to be. Our professional instructors and director are in the top field of emergency medicine and we strive to support America as our Nation and to serve our citizens around us. 


"They are absolutely amazing, never lets us fail, and is always there side by side to push us through. They will spend unlimited hours to help in any way they can. Thank you Instructors for never giving up on any of us!" 

"Andrew is the calmest, patient and thorough teacher that you could have! He has such a high drive and passion for this field, and that is what makes him an incredible teacher! He wants to share all his knowledge with you so that you can go and be an incredible paramedic yourself! He doesn’t give up on you, and he will strive for you to push and do the best that you can! He wants you to do the best that you can to reach your potential. He is an amazing instructor and person."

-Student Success Stories